The struggle is real

Sara Gardner

By summer 2018 I was involved in 4 different weekly farmers markets Friday-Sunday which meant that I spent Monday-Thursday prepping my inventory. Then when I stocked my pieces in 3 stores, I was completely immersed in work and pretty much nothing else. I was waking up around 5:30 am and getting straight to work and not stopping until around 7 normally, but sometimes as late as 9pm.    I wasn’t going to the gym (which I actually love, not just for the workout but for the people too @methodcrossfit ). I wasn’t seeing friends unless they came to visit me...

Business Taxes

Sara Gardner

Ode to Tax Season Can I just start by saying UGH.  My first official year in business has to end with one certain thing that can't be escaped, and no, I'm not talking about death.  Annual business taxes are due on Sunday and it was interesting to me breaking down all of 2018's numbers... I'm not an accounting type of mind so I have to start by saying that finding a great accountant is HUGE!  That being said, as a small business owner there are a few different things you have to keep in mind.  Not only are you looking at the...

How I wasted Money

Sara Gardner

One thing I can't stand doing is wasting money.  It physically hurts me.

So like most new business owners can attest to,  year 1 is FULL of "learning opportunities" aka a really nice way of saying f*#! up's...

After reading a few blogs, and "how to's" I thought I was totally ready to sign up for all the licenses I needed to make my business official

Ignoring the Haters

Sara Gardner

Haters might be too strong of a word... Maybe just learning how to block out nonconstructive criticism and comments. 

Recently I was told that I need to get away from working with "all the machinery" and go back to making things that "require skill"