Ignoring the Haters

Sara Gardner

Haters might be too strong of a word... Maybe just learning how to block out nonconstructive criticism and comments. 

Recently I was told that I need to get away from working with "all the machinery" and go back to making things that "require skill". The comment was said with complete sincerity and I really believe that the commentator meant well, but that didn't stop my blood from boiling instantly..... Before speaking, I had to remember that there are many people that feel that using a CNC, or laser cutters, are a cheaters way of creating. 

CNC machines can "print money" as some people like to say, and yes, the user can ABSOLUTELY make money with one.  But what has to be remembered is, its JUST A TOOL.  Money comes from the items being made, how well they're finished, and are they sold and marketed correctly?

Just like any other tool in the shop, you have to have the knowledge, patience and skill required to use the tool efficiently and safely.  You have to be able to design, program, create, and finish each piece.  So before knocking how other makers create, how about you take the time to get to know the process and appreciate the skill required.  Even if its not a path that you'd take yourself. 

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