The struggle is real

Sara Gardner

By summer 2018 I was involved in 4 different weekly farmers markets Friday-Sunday which meant that I spent Monday-Thursday prepping my inventory. Then when I stocked my pieces in 3 stores, I was completely immersed in work and pretty much nothing else. I was waking up around 5:30 am and getting straight to work and not stopping until around 7 normally, but sometimes as late as 9pm. 


I wasn’t going to the gym (which I actually love, not just for the workout but for the people too @methodcrossfit ). I wasn’t seeing friends unless they came to visit me at the markets, and my poor husband (who works M-F) was giving up his weekends to be with me at the markets. 


Don’t get me wrong, 2018 was a great kickoff for my business! I did 4 weekly farmers markets, was in 4 retail spaces by Christmas and did a handful of holiday markets to boot. I sold more than I thought I would, got to meet a ton of new people and got a chance to introduce the public to my work. 


That being said, one of my goals for 2019 is to learn to balance life though. To learn that resting doesn’t mean quitting. Resting isn’t the end of the world and that taking some time for myself won’t topple the business that I’m trying to create. Going to the gym for an hour won’t kill my daily work flow. Taking the weekend off in the off season won’t put me behind for an entire week.


Hustle is important. You can’t build something without a hustle and work ethic but you can’t live life without balance either. 

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